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Problems with programming nk.nb0 with ATK Toolkit and i.MX35

Question asked by Norbert Peter on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by Keshava G N



at this moment, i use the ATK Toolkit 1.71 to program the XLDR.nb0 and the Eboot.nb0 to the i.MX. The Kernel, i am programing with Platform builder to the i.MX. This is working fine.

But in future, the programming of our board will do some guys in production department. Because these guys did not have Platform Builder, they have to use the ATK to program the nk.nb0 to i.MX.

I tested now the programming of the Kernel with ATK and have now the problem, that the Kernel will not load from NAND-Flash to RAM and so, the Kernel will not start. What could be my fault of thinking?


For some helpfull answers i will much obliged!