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How to use 3 libs in free version

Question asked by crond daemon on Mar 19, 2013
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  I have TWR-K60D100M, which has PK60DN512VMD102, MCU.

Code warrior info:

- CodeWarrior for MCU

      Version: 10.2

      Build Id:120126

- MQX :  4.0


I created a New MQX project with,  MFS,Shell,RTCS enabled.


When I build the project, I am getting an error as,


" Size of the application has exceeded the capability of this license. Contact your authorized distributor or Freescale to purchase a full version of the tools."


ofcourse, I understood the meaning. I like to know, is there anyway, to use the 3 libs [MFS,shell,RTCS] with my current license, by changing any optimization to reduce the application size?