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Fitting a PCIe device to SabreSD causing linux to crash on start up

Question asked by Andrew Ellis on Mar 20, 2013
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I have fitted an Amfeltec mPCIe to mPCI adapter to my SabreSD board. When I power the system on uBoot runs normally, and Linux starts to boot, then crashes. I have attached the boot log.


I have ensured that the SabreSD and adapter are powered from the same source, I have tried fitting a mPCI card to the adapter and also removing it, and get the same result. I have tried mPCIe cards and Linux boots without any problems, I can then type "lspci" and read information about the card fitted.


It seems that Linux does not like the bridge chip. Can someone please suggest how I can resolve this issue.


I am using kernel 3.0.35, and Ubuntu downloaded from the Freescale website.


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