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iMX 6 or other DSP processor for 2-way full duplex video codec

Question asked by corbysable on Mar 19, 2013
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Hello forum,


Please inform me about evaluation development boards for full-duplex video/audio encoding and decoding.  Also following development, I seek OEM or smaller boards than the evaluation for board for product integration.  Following are my requirements and questions:

  1. My application is to perform full-duplex encode and decode simultaneously in 2-way communications using an evaluation board.
  2. 1080P 60 video & audio live streaming video 60 frames per second.
  3. two (or possible three)  ethernet ports are required on the evaluation board.
  4. raw video data from a CCD sensor/commercial camera will connect directly to one port on the evaluation board and then the data is H.264 encoded.  Its encoded data will be sent to an I/O port (to the network) to location "B".
  5. the second port on the eval board will input H.264 audio/video from location "B" and then decode it.  This 2nd data stream arrives from location "B" through a network.  Following this decode, the video will be displayed on a LCD screen at the camera (location "A")
  6. The end result is 2-way video full duplex video processing.
  7. Real time processing
  8. H.264 video streams sent out from the camera - location "A" is 1-10 megabits per second. 
  9. The video coming from location "B" (from the network) to the camera (location "B" is 1-5 megabits per second.
  10. Frame rate is 15-60 frames per second in either direction - inbound or outbound.
  11. I would like the evaluation board to scale the video from (location "A" to location "B"0 on-the-fly.
  12. After development is complete with the evaluation board, I prefer to use a commercially available board ( off-the-shelf board) or OEM board with only necessary one iMX6 chip (or media chip), two I/O ethernet ports/interface/memory to perform only the decode.  This OEM board is a smaller version of the eval board.
  13. The 2nd OEM board with same requirements will perform only the H.264  encode and scaling.
  14. I want to download the proven software from the eval  development board to 2 smaller boards - as products - approx. the size of 50mm X 50mm -
  15. Linux operating system
  16. And please recommend a WI-FI 802.11 b/g/n board which connects to the the 2 smaller encode & decode boards.  Does TI make these smaller type boards?
  17. A camera sensor is not needed on the eval board.   An external CCD sensor will be used in all cases.
  18. Which port name/number is best used to input external CCD data into the eval that the ethernet ports (RJ-45) connections can be used for output?
  19. What is the max input data rate into the ports on the eval board?  And what is the max input data rate of smaller OEM or commercial boards?
  20. Which interface is best used for control of the board's functions?  To start/stop/pause, etc?
  21. Are there scaling algorithms available on this forum or on the Freescale website to provide control for these boards?

Thanks for your help.