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USB Generic HID

Question asked by Martin Dusek on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by PedroBecerra


I adapted USB hid mouse example project from Freescale USB Stack v4.0.2 to Generic HID. My PC program to test HID device succesfully sends first report, but MCU (TWR-K70) never receives it. Then I'm unable to send next reports to MCU. Like the first report blocks the endpoint. I registered callbacks when initializing HID class:


USB_Class_HID_Init(CONTROLLER_ID, USB_App_Callback, VendorCallback, USB_App_Param_Callback);


On first report sent from PC to MCU, USB_App_Callback() is called with event_type = USB_APP_SEND_COMPLETE (why send complete ???). Then nothing. Sending reports from MCU to PC works.


I configured HID generic device to use 2 endpoints IN and OUT, report size is 64 bytes.


Thanks for any advice.