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IMX6Q capture linux driver

Question asked by Omar Pighi on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by rogeriopimentel
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I have a question to better understand and use the video capture part of the imx6Q.


I can see in driver /media/video/imx/capture that i have ov5642.c driver (it configure I"c interface to the sensor, init register, etc etc... if mipi set up also the mipi interface).

then I have several layers (CIS, IPU , etc) the the last one I suppose is the V4l_imX)_capture


First question is:

1) is there any schematic block to better understand the relationship between them?)

2) all of that layer has their own ioctls... how i can specify wich one i want to use. (i.e the mirror or rotate can be done by IPU or by sensor itself.... how i can say from V4L2 to use that ioctl or that other....)?



Omar Pighi