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p2041rdb-PB how to share a port between linux & USDPAA

Question asked by Shashank Reddy Vulupala on Mar 19, 2013



  1. QMan connects FMan MAC only to the kernel ethernet driver, which exchanges frames with the Linux network stack.
  2. QMan connects an FMan MAC only to a USDPAA application.
  3. QMan connects an FMan MAC to both the kernel driver and to a USDPAA application. On ingress, FMan selects the destination for each frame and enqueues it onto a particular frame queue accordingly. Different frame queues make the connections between the MAC and the ethernet driver and the MAC and the USDPAA application. This use case can be generalized by assuming multiple USDPAA applications, multiple ethernet driver instances, or both.
  4. QMan connects an ethernet driver to a USDPAA application. FMan is not involved. Note that it is possible to accomplish this via the standard Linux facility TUN/TAP rather than using QMan.

as shown above there are 4 possibilities for p2041rdb-pb board


First 2 or working


i am trying to get the 3rd case i.e a packet should go to linux or usdpaa based on fqid, please explain how to do this.


i have attached my DTS, xml files. (in DTS files i added shared controllers)


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