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CW10.3 and Win8: "Error on loading ETM configuration"

Question asked by Mauro Righetto on Mar 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by Ionut Vicovan

Hello everybody

I installed the CW10.3 on my new HP notebook equipped with Win8.

I seemed to work properly but, when I try to open the "Debug Configuration" menu, I get a window error showing "Error on loading ETM configuration".

I must press "Enter" 18 times to enter the  "Debug Configuration" menu and it happens again when I try to access the "Trace and Profile" window to check if there has been wrong settings ("Enable Trace and Profile" option in deactivated).


The second problem I'm facing is that I cannot see the hexadecimal format of a variable content when I hover the mouse cursor during debug: I get only the non printable symbol "y" when it's value is different from zero.

I modified the options in "Window\Preferences\C/C++\Debug\Opened view default settings" menu but I couldn't solve my problem.



Mauro Righetto