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Hard fault calling function in RAM

Question asked by Marlon Smith on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by Marlon Smith

Hi everyone,


I'm working on a flash driver for a K20 chip, and since it only has one page of memory I believe I have to move my sector erase function to RAM so I'm not accessing the bank while erasing part of it.  I'm using GCC and a custom linker script for my project.


So far I've done this:


- Use the attribute label to tell the linker to put the function in RAM:

bool erase_sector(uint32_t address) __attribute__((long_call, section(".ramfunctions")));


- and in the linker script:

. = 0x1FFFE000;

  .data ()   :


    __data_start = . ;

    __data_start__ = .;

    *(.data .data.* .gnu.linkonce.d.*)

    . = ALIGN(32 / 8);


    . = ALIGN(32 / 8);

    *(.ramfunctions) /* Place specified functions in RAM */


- Add -mlong-calls to my compiler arguments


However when I run my code, I get a hard fault as soon as I call my erase_sector function.  Is there another step here that I'm missing?