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iMX6 flash NAND bench

Question asked by AlbertT on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by Lily Zhang
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Hello !


I found in the SDK for iMX6 an application that makes a benchmark of a SD card, I am interesting in realizing the same thing but with the flash NAND of my iMX6Q_SD. We already managed to do this when Linux is on, but our results are a bit too high, so we would like try to make it without OS. Since applications of the SDK are doing this, I am trying to start from them.


Unfortunately the access to the SD card seems really different from an access to the flash NAND so I'm looking some help. There is some files that seem to be drivers in sdk/common/usb_stack/Device/app/dfu but I don't know which one to use : flash.h or flash_NAND.h ; but the latter one has a flash_init function which is empty so this is weird.