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Serious bug in SDHC driver for WinEC7

Question asked by AlexeyT on Mar 18, 2013
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I think found very serious  issue in EC7 SDHC driver.

In my case it leads to complete hang in SDHC driver in certain use cases.

It is being triggered by certain sequence of SD bus commands received by the CESDHCBase in common FSL code part..

The log from instrumented (traces added) version of that driver is attached to this message.

The issue was triggered by following command sequence


CMD25 non fast path


CMD24 non fast path


After this sequence SDHC driver is dead.

The problem appears to be in global variable of current request.

It looks like we can have MORE then ONE current request because request processing code calls

new request add code FROM previous request's completion call so we have several requests on the stack.

Somewhere in that chain of calls/requests 'current request' global variable loses the ground and it makes driver hang.


Has anyone experienced this problem?

How can it be fixed?


FYI: this bug may affect all iMX drivers for WINEC7 because it is in common FSL code.


Attached: log from hung driver.

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