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HDMI Tx - HD Multimedia Interface transmitter

Question asked by Ankit Patel on Mar 18, 2013
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Hi All,


I want to know wht's going on inside the i.MX 6Q when i connect HDMI output to HDTV's HDMI input ?

From basics of HDMI initialization sequence:

H/W should follow this steps:

1-> HPD detection.

2-> EDID read

3-> send 30 unencrypted Video frames

4-> start HDCP authentication.


Is it the right sequence i.MX 6Q HDMI Tx follow ?

What happen in case EDID is not valid ?

How HDMI Tx send 30 video frames ?

How HDCP authentication initiated by i.MX 6Q ?


Reason to ask, as i stuck on step-3 above.

When i connect HDMI cable on i.MX 6Q , i receive Hot Plug Detection event & my SABRE-SD board's Android source code read EDID from I2CM bank.

It means, i.MX 6Q HDMI Tx had read EDID successfully but i don't know wht next step HDMI Tx shuold OR will be follow ?

Can anybody answer this question ?