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A problem for IAR When download the code to the K60F flash

Question asked by Aaron wang on Mar 17, 2013
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I find a problem when I use IAR to download the code to the K60F flash.The IAR error report:"load the K60 flash reported error".At first I think it is fault with my circuit of processor,and I test two mode processor that are MK60FN1M and MK60FX512,but It has the same result.

My version of IAR is 6.4,and the I use two Debugger to test it that are J-link and OSBDM, I update the newest verion of OSBDM.When I use OSBDM,It can downloader the code with the icf file is 128K_Ram,but It doesn't work and report error with the icf file is 1M Pflash or 512KPflash.When I use J-link tool to connect the processor it,it reported "con't find any flash".

My MK60F circuit is as same as MK60D seriers and the MK60D can work,and the test code is TWR-MK60-120M.There are someting I don't pay attention?is that I need to test it use code warrior?please give me a help , Thank you very much!