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Kinetis KL1x and KL2x PORT interrupts

Discussion created by Luiz Fernando Schrickte on Mar 15, 2013
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I just realized, after finishing my board layout, that there are no support for interrupts in some PORTs on Kinetis KL1x and KL2x!


I can't find this information clear enough in any documentation from Freescale - only CodeWarrior tells me that I can't enable interrupts in any port that is not PORTA or PORTD. And there is the vector table that doesn' t have a position to the other PORTs interrupt handlers.


However, there is, in the KL14 reference manual, this sentence:

The external interrupt capability of the PORT module is available in all digital pin

muxing modes provided the PORT module is enabled.


Each pin can be individually configured for any of the following external interrupt


• Interrupt disabled, default out of reset

• Active high level sensitive interrupt

• Active low level sensitive interrupt


And, to make things more confusing, every PORT has an interrupt flag register.


Can anyone confirm me at least that this is true: there is no support for interrupts in the pins that are not part of PORTA and PORTD?


Funny thing about it is that I can configure LLWU interrupts in many of these pins (from ports C, E...)!


If there is some workaround, please tell me. I wish Freescale documentation was more clear


Thank you

Luiz Fernando