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Android Splash Screen

Question asked by Brad Stewart Employee on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by Brad Stewart
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I have a Customer wants to add splash screen while Android is booting.

They have followed instructions in chapter 6.1 of the Android_Advanced_User_Guide.pdf Rev 13.4.1.

They were able to create splash screen during u-boot.

But unable to generate splash screen during kernel boot.

Customer rebuit u-boot, uImage and zImage, and boot.img.


How can you change the Kernel logo display?  Now it displays "ANDROD" but customer wants to use their own logo.


Also... Chapter 6.1 is confusing as it refers to a file called initlogo.rle which does not exist in myandroid/out/target/products/sabresd_6dq/root/

I noticed this file was in the iMX5x folder, but not for iMX6DQ.  What is the image on this file?  I can't seem to display it properly.