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losing my mind over i2c interfacing to 24lc00 eeprom

Question asked by Steven Cohen on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by Hesam Akbarian

Using PE example, got communication between FRDM board and 24LC00 but can't seem to write a read accurately.


First I do a block write then block read using typical example for I2C component.


volatile bool DataReceivedFlg = FALSE;

volatile bool DataTransmittedFlg = FALSE;

uint8_t OutData[4] = {0x00U, 0x01U, 0x02U, 0x03U};                /* Initialization of output data buffer */

uint8_t InpData[16];

LDD_TError Error;

LDD_TDeviceData *MyI2CPtr;



First picture is writing of data to device, only two values the first being address zero, second data value of 1. 

Second picture is writing of control word and address zero to device in prep of reading

Third picture is the read