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i.MX53 SMD  BSP Chinese Font

Question asked by larson on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by larson
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Hi all,

I use the i.mMX53 SMD BSP and I want the NK support the chinese Font display, I try the all items of the bsp, but only Microsoft YaHei can be displayed, all of others(SimSun & NSimSun/SimSun-ExtB) can displayed by 口口, and in the Microsoft YaHei Font, the FootNotes displayed 口口 too, did i lost something about    the Font items or others items?


By the way, i use the ClearType of the system, but it can not be work, Why?


"Gamma Value"=dword:5dc




"OffOnRotation"= dword:00000000






Thanks for you help!