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Banked RAM for IP code section

Discussion created by Frederic Nadeau on Jul 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2007 by CompilerGuru
Hi, we plan on migrating from HCS12DP512 to HCS12XDP512 in order to have more RAM.  Most of our code are taken from IP core(Intelectual Property Core) of wich we do have access to the source code but would wish not to edit it.

After reading other post, we concluded that all variable that are to be taking place in paged RAM must be followed by a pragma section. 

If we make abstraction of driver issue, is there a way to compile our code, currently running on 9S12DP512, for the 9S12XDP512 without modification?

We tried to do so with a demo version provided by Freescale.  As I expected, result are that compilation works but link failed with L1102: Out of allocation space in segment RAM at address 0x3FA6.

Tests were made with default project for Banked memory model with Metrowerk 4.6.  Since RAM section in default PRM is 8k, the received error was expected.

Any clue?