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[WEC7] i.MX6 SDK for Multimedia Framework

Question asked by Anthony Harivel on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by Anthony Harivel
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Hi Freescale community,


I'm working on a WEC7 BSP for a i.MX6 platform and I would like to integrate and be able to use those DLL:

ems_video_hwdec.dll, ems_mpeg_demux.dll, ems_ogg_demux.dll and so on...


I remember for the i.MX53 that the follow SDK was out:

"i.MX53 SDK Windows Embedded Compact 7 Multimedia Framework"

to help integrate the DLLs.


Is there any chance this kind of release will be available for i.MX6?



Best regards,

Anthony Harivel