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MQX3.6 with web_hvac example built failed?

Question asked by Qianming Zhu on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by Monica Arvizu

Hi, all niubilites ^_^!

I have built a project which is given by MQX3.6,named web_hvac, with IAR Embedded Workbench 6.3. The chip is twrk60n512.

For the first time, it is successed that I didn't modify anything in the example. And at the next, I just reinstalled MQX3.6 and the IAR 6.3 in another XP operation system (in virtual machine). Then compile and download to debug it again. So , here comes the problem:

The MQX seems started failed. I have used the single step execution to trace the problem and found that the program is dead at the function void _rtc_isr which is contained in the krtc.c or dead at dispatch.s.


It is just built for the second time! The same MQX version, the same compiled tool, the same operations for the project and the same development environment. Can anyone give me some advices? Best wishes!