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Ping failiure in K60D100M

Question asked by crond daemon on Mar 11, 2013
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I have TWR-K60D100M, which has PK60DN512VMD102, MCU.


I am learnging RTCS.

I did  File->New->MQX 4.0 Project ->project_name->chose TWR-K60D100M->New Application->Enable "Add RTCS support"->Basic application->static IP ->connection_type->Finish . Without making any change in the code, did the build [ for internal Flash ] , downloaded.


My problem is, I can not able to Ping the IP of the TWR-K60. This is what, I am getting in the console,


Waiting for ethernet cable plug in ... Cable connected

Setting static IP address ... OK


IP Address      :


Subnet Address  :


Gateway Address :


DNS Address     :



Is there anything, I need to change in the user_config.h file?

ENABLE ICMP,UDP,SNMP,MFS,TCP,STATS,GATEWAYS macros are set 1, now in the user_config.h file.

and from the document, "FSL_MQX_getting_started"  , changed the jumper settings in the TWR_SER board,

1. J10 on 2-3

2. CLK-SEL 3-4

3. CLkIN-SEL 2-3

4. J12 on 9-10

processor board and TWR_SER board are connected to Tower  properly   [ primary-seconday side]

after the above jumper settings, the LAN socket LED's in TWR-SER is not blinking and prints from program are also not coming in console. But, with default jumper settings, prints from program came in console and LAN socket LED's were also blinking.

How can I solve this problem?