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Hibernating iMX6 Linux to SD/MMC

Question asked by Dmitry Varakin on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Rupesh Paterical

Hi All,


I'm looking for a reliable way to suspend (hibernate) iMX6 Linux-based device by saving its state to a non-volatile memory (say, SD/MMC or NAND) upon unexpected power down event (yes, there is a small power back up to do it). Of course there should be a way to restore the system state after powering on. I guess this is more generic question rather than iMX- or BSP-specific. But anyway... I found a couple of articles on the Web about this topic but it is not clear how usable they are:

Suspend To Disk For ARM -


If somebody has such experience or knows a good direction to dig - could you please share with me?




Dmitry Varakin