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i.MX6: [Vivante,DirectFB] Capability issue in gfxdriver with H/W-accelerated?

Question asked by Kang Wen Chen on Mar 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by xu qianghong
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     we're testing some DirectFB application on i.MX6, but lots to be FAIL by

          "(!) Core/SurfBuffer: Buffer allocation failed! --> Not supported!"

     sum up the kind of PASS/FAIL of them, it seems that all involves "CreateWindow()" will be FAIL, such as df_bltload, df_window & QTEmbedded.


     we could add "--dfb:no-hardware" to solve the issue, but consequently we loss all the H/W acceleration by Vivante's GPU.

     is it possible to fix the "Not supported" error but no giving up the GPU acceleration?