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QorIQ T Series

Question asked by salih sonmez on Mar 9, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by salih sonmez

Hi everyone ,

I am new at using Freescale processors.

When I am searching on internet for new project , I am impressed by some of QorlQ  P series processors. Then, I  go over QorlQ T series.


Now I have afew questions in my mind. Can anyone answer my question , I will be happy:)


1. Is QorlQ T series pin to pin with  QorlQ  P series processors ?

2. is there software compability between  QorlQ T series and  QorlQ  P series processors?

(I ask because , if I am not wrong , there was software compability among previous power architecture cores.)


The last one is more general question about searching good processor for long term project.


3.  How do I choose a processor for long term project? Beacuse If the processor become absolute(be discontinued ), additional design process and test process must be included the project and additional time is required. Thus it is undesirable for any designer.