Please allow Private Messages without "Following"

Discussion created by TomE on Mar 9, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2013 by TomE

In the Lithium Forums I was able to send a Private Message to anyone.


I used that to send messages to people that would have been embarrassing to them had I posted it in a public forum, or to send them code samples that I didn't want to show to the entire world.


Or to warn them QUICKLY that they should remove information from their posts before the "editing time" expires.


I can't do any of that any more.


In this new forum I find I can only send messages to "Followers", and have to make a "Follower Request" and get it approved by themn before I can send them the message. There doesn't even seem to be an option to add some descriptive text (to send the warning) in the Follower Request.


This Forum isn't Facebook. It isn't Twitter (yet :-). It shouldn't try to be. It shouldn't get in the way of technical work as much as it does.


So please change it so I can send messages without this "Follower" stuff.