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i.mx6q default ccm_cbcmr value

Question asked by ts on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2013 by Jerry Fan



For our i.mx6q board, we've configured BOOT_CFG1, BOOT_CFG2, BOOT_CFG3 for MMC/eMMC.  We're trying to do board bring-up and are using DS-5 debugger to just connect i.e. no initialization script.  When we power-up, the value read fro 0x020C_4018 (CCM_CBCMR) is read as 0x0002_0324 instead of 0x0002_2324 the default value i.e. peirph_clk2_sel value isn't what the data-sheet says.  When we perform the same check on SabreSD, the value read for the same register is also 0x0002_0324 and not the default value stated in data-sheet.


Does the boot-rom modify this or is there some setting that changes the value?