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Problem with RTCS in K60

Question asked by crond daemon on Mar 8, 2013
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I have TWR-K60D100M, which has PK60DN512VMD102, MCU.

I am trying with RTCS  using the guide, "Using MQX Libraries ",Document no: AN3907 Rev 0, 06/2009

And, getting compilation error,


Overflow in segment: rom from section: .main_application Segment reserved size is: 0x0000fbe0 -- Overflow of: 0x0000bf28    


Code warrior info:

- CodeWarrior for MCU

      Version: 10.2

      Build Id:120126



What I did is,


File->New->MQX 4.0 Project ->project_name->chose TWR-K60D100M->New Application->Enable "Add RTCS support"->Basic application->DHCP->connection_type->Finish


I tried to create a normal project [without any MFS,RTCS enabled when creating project ] and added the rtcs.a lib manually to the project. In this case, when I include "rtcs.h", compiler gives error as, file not found.

and, when I call the function, "RTCS_Create()", I am getting the first mentioned overflow error. If I comment this function call, the error is dis-appearing.


I am new to freescale product and code warrior. Can anyone help to solve the problem ?