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MCIMX6Q-SDB problem with MFGtool

Question asked by Mike Wang on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by Mike Wang

Hi all, I have a problem using MFG tool to program u-boot to eMMC, the steps as below


1. modify cgf.ini ,


chip = MX6Q Linux Update




board = SABRE SD



name = Android-SabreSD-eMMC


2. add boot.img,recovery.img,system.img,u-boot.bin to OS Firmware\files\android


3. SW6 set to 11100110b ,  power on


4. start MfgTool2.exe and downloading successful , power off and SW6 set to 11100110b, I can't see any u-boot message from uart after power on


But I modify cfg.ini with name = Sabre-SD(programming to sdcard) and do the process as above with sdcard and SW6 set to 01000010b after download, It has u-boot message output from uart