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Strange problem with i2c master on FRDM board

Question asked by Steven Cohen on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by Matthew Smith

Trying to see any Master i2c bus activity on the FRDM board.  I actually turned on both i2c ports [just to make sure something didn't happen to one port.


For one port, I used the I2C_LDD method, basically copied straight out of the "typical usage"



And not seeing any activity on either the clock line or data line [which has a 10K pullup resistor to 3v of course]


I used the higher level component just to send one byte on the other i2c port.  .

test:  I2C2_SendChar(0xaa);

goto test;


Problem:  I don't see any activity at all.  The clock lines are non-active.  Any ideas?