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Confusion using Component I2C_LDD Kinetis L

Question asked by Steven Cohen on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2013 by Jim Donelson

If you look at typical usage for the component, you see this example below and then the prototype of the real component.  Why are they different?


But in my CW 10.3 it seems the component is different, in fact there are only 3 parameters to pass.


byte I2C2_SendBlock(void* Ptr, word Siz, word *Snt);

-Return value: Error code, possible codes:


ERR_SPEED - This device does not work in the active speed mode

ERR_DISABLED - Device is disabled

ERR_BUSY - The slave device is busy, it does not respond by the acknowledge (only in master mode and when interrupt service is disabled)

ERR_BUSOFF - Clock timeout elapsed or device cannot transmit data

ERR_TXFULL - Transmitter is full. Some data has not been sent. (slave mode only)

ERR_ARBITR - Arbitration lost (only when interrupt service is disabled and in master mode)

-1. parameter: Pointer to the block of data to send.

-2. parameter: Size of the block.

-3. parameter: Amount of data sent (moved to a buffer). In master mode, if interrupt support is enabled, the parameter always returns the same value as the parameter 'Siz' of this method.