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codeworrier debugging without BDM h/w tap

Question asked by andrew heywood on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by Monica Arvizu

Hi there,


I have recently purchased 2 development boards. The M5223DEMO coldfire v2 board & I use codeworrier v 7.2 for coldfire MCUs &

MPC885ADS PowerPc (PowerQUICC) board where I use codeworrier v8.8 for power PCs.


I was hoping to use the debugger via either the sandard RS232 port or the USB port or even ethernet to perform the debugger functions of comms between the codeworrier IDE & the target development board - but as a direct connection without the use of a hardware BDM tap module.


Is this possible? within my list of debugger connections I only seems to have PE micro, Abatron entries and they all seem to require h/w tap devices. I understand that without one some debug features won't be possible - but I was hoping that a console I/O type method of debugging would be possible via a simpe RS232 link betweeon codewarrior host and target board & no h/w tap in between.


Any pointers would be most appreciated akso appologies if this question has been posted before & I've missed it during my searches.


thanks in advance