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Multiple Watchdogs for Multiple Tasks

Question asked by Audi McAvoy on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by Matthew Singer
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The MQX user's guide says that an old-school hardware watchdog "monitors the entire application on a processor; it does not monitor individual tasks."


It then goes on to say that the "MQX watchdog component provides a software watchdog for each task."  Unfortunately the example code only monitors one task, and I want multiple watchdogs to monitor multiple tasks.


It sounds like there can be only one watchdog component created, which implies only one expiry function.  I need to have different responses to different timeouts, so I need to know which task has timed out.  The reference manual suggests the expiry function can expect to receive a TD_STRUCT_PTR; however, there is no example of what to do with this thing.


Does anyone have an example of an expiry function that handles timeouts from multiple tasks?