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P2020 boot

Question asked by tonykleman on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by Scott Wood

Booting from GPCM, local bus.  Not completing boot, it hangs when I try to write the CCSRBAR register.  In fact it hangs when I do any STW command. 
Im looking at this on an ATE so I control the content of the RAM.  The part goes to rest vector, I branch and write th MASx registers, run tlbwe and isynce.  Next I try to set the CCSRBAR and that is when I have problems.  This is after power on reset and so I should have all necessary permissions.   I believe I'm missing something basic, an ideas?


ba  0xFFFFF000


lis  r5, 0x0000
ori  r5, r5, 0x0000
mtspr 624, r5


lis  r5, 0xC000
ori  r5, r5, 0x0500
mtspr 625, r5


lis  r5, 0xe000
ori  r5, r5, 0x000a
mtspr 626, r5


lis  r5, 0xe000
ori  r5, r5, 0x003f
mtspr 627, r5


tlbwe 0,0,0

// relocate CCSRBAR at 0xe0000000
// read current value (forces all accesses to configuration space to complete)
lis  r5, 0xff70
ori  r5, r5, 0x0000
lwz  r4, 0(r5)

//Write the new value to CCSRBAR
lis  r5, 0x000e
ori  r5, r5, 0x0000
lis  r4, 0xFF700000@ha
stw  r5, 0xFF700000@l(r4)