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IMX53-start-r serial console login

Question asked by Dave Evans on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2013 by Dave Evans

Hi all,



I'm trying to get a serial login console on the IMX53 start R board, my .config is very cut down, (no vga, no network, only the required minimum drivers) the board boots and displays the boot process on the serial console but when I expect a login prompt to appear all I get is:


starting pid 1249, tty '': '/sbin/getty -L ttymxc0 115200 vt100'

process '/sbin/getty -L ttymxc0 115200 vt100' (pid 1249) exited. Scheduling for restart.


the message repeats forever, keyboard input is excepted but ignored.

The serial console is defined in securetty, the boot init line appears to be set correctly, is there anything that I need to have enabled which may not be to get me a console?


or perhaps more concisely what do I need to do get get a serial console?


Thanks in advance,