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Compliance Testing for PCIe, SATA, USB

Question asked by Hermann Ruckerbauer on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by Hermann Ruckerbauer
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searching for Compliance test in the community did not result in any interesting hit, so maybe can give me a hint.

Normally i'm doing signal integrity design and consulting on x86 Hardware. Here the EcoSystem for Compliance testing is well established with software and hardware tools.

But on ARM Based products I have not found any reasonable information how to do Compliance testing.

E. g. the Tools from to trigger an USB controller to drive the compliance pattern is only available for WinXP and Win7

Triggering the SATA controller with a J-BERT as the SATA specification would define to set the Controller in BIST-L or BIST-T mode does not trigger any action on QMX bsed board.

a similar situation is given for PCIe.

The RX test are even somehow difficult on x86, but for ARM I have not found any hint how to do this.


Does anybody has experience on Physical compliance testing for PCIe, SATa, USB, Ethernet on ARM based products.


A similar situation is on the Memory testing.

on x86 based hardware there is a lot of software out that can be used. Most of the programms do just detect that there is a memory attached, but is not usefull for real debugging or a good memory test. But some programms are quite effective in detecting errors.

On ARM I only know the UBOOT mtest and the freeware mtester. Both I do not consider as a reasonable test for detecting errors or do failure analyis.

Does anybody have better information on Memroy testing ?


I'm just trying to esteblish a product for memory testing, but if there is already something out i would prefer to use this one. ..


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