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Moving active/visible area towards centre on synchronous lcd imx6

Question asked by vismayshah on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2013 by grantw
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Hi Guys,


I am using Synchronous lcd having resolution of :

800 x 480 pixels


i have to display image of size 720 x 400 pixels.


I am using linux framebuffer with following parameters:


xres = 720

yres = 400

virtual xres = 720

virtual yres = 400

left margin = 40

right margin = 60

upper margin = 10

lower margin = 10

hsync length = 20

vsync length = 10

pixel clock = 37037

refresh rate = 57


As lcd's size is 800x480 pixels and i have to display image of size 720x400 pixels in centre of the lcd i tried to increase left margin and also upper margin so that image should move towards centre of the lcd, but changing left and upper margin's doesn't have any impact on displayed image.


Image comes left top aligned.


Any idea, any suggestions, to move visible/active area towards centre of the lcd?


best regards,