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Codewarrior 10.x how to expand several structures at once

Question asked by Norm May on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2013 by Norm May

I have an array of 100 structures and when I view the array in the Variables window, all the structures are collapsed.  I have to click on each one to expand it.  Is there a way to expand all the structures at the same time?  It is really cumbersome to expand all these items!  I did notice that this was the same issue discussed for an earlier version of CW.


I've also noticed that with CodeWarrior 10.3, if when I have the array of 100 structures open (they don't all fit on one screen) and they are selected (with select all).  When I right click with the mouse to view them as decimal, only some of them change.  Some of the variables on pages I cannot see are still the old display type.