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How can new eMMC chips version 4.5 be used with i.mx53?

Question asked by Douglas Allen on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by Wigros Sun

Toshiba's newest eMMC family incorporates features from eMMC version 4.5. When booting the i.mx53 using 2.26.35 I get the error

     mmc0: unrecognised EXT_CSD structure version 6

     mmc0: error -22 whilst initialising MMC card

Toshiba's data sheet states that starting with Linux 3.0.1 there is support for version 4.5 but LTIB package doesn't seem to support using the 3.0.35 kernel from the i.mx6 BSP for i.mx53 boards.


Is anyone having success using the i.mx53 with 3.0.35, or newer, or backporting eMMC drivers to 2.6.35?