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iMX25-Nand boot error

Question asked by Arumugam Ramasamy on Mar 4, 2013


I am using iMX25 PDK with Nand flash as boot source.


I have my LTIB set for jffs2 as target image and the output of the ./ltib command generates the above files which I copied in to Flash.


I have loaded the u-boot.bin, uImage and rootfs.jffs2 files using ATK tool at 0x00000000, 0x00300000 & 0x00800000 respectively. When booting first time, I have changed the bootargs and bootcmd to boot from nand flash. After that my system boots and throws an Kernel panic error. Need support in finding the root cause for this kernel panic.


Log is attached.





Arumugam R

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