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PHP CGI for e300

Question asked by cm-lych on Mar 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2013 by lunminliang

Hi all


I have a device built on a MPC8360E e300 platform already running a Linux distro. This device is used to perform some SCADA functions and can't be reflashed since I don't have the sources. It was originally configured by a third person who is no longer part of my group . When this device was given to me, I noticed that it was missing web servers, sql servers, etc..

I managed to install Boa Web server which is working successfully. I downloaded the sources in a x86 machine (Ubuntu) where I cross-compiled for ppc  e300. I need now to do the same thing for PHP cgi, but get stuck with library which I don't see how to compile.

Has anybody compiled PHP successfully for e300? Is there any other workaround that I ignore? Any way to get PHP working without these steps? We need to access this device through http to make it more convenient.