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imx28evk mainline kernel

Question asked by igor-imx on Mar 1, 2013
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im currently evaluating the imx28evk board with the freescale-community-bsp from yocto.

I can see that the kernel that is currently being built by default for the imx28 is 2.6.35.

Im wandering if there is a particular reason for using this version of the 3.7.x kernel works well as well.

I have looked on google for a while and could see that there were a lot of fixes done in the 3.x kernels in regards to the SPI functionality that i will need for this project, expecially the SPI Slave driver in linux.

Are there any drawbacks on using the 3.7.x mainline kernel with imx28? Is all the functionality supported? I can also see that there is a file in the community bsp that supports mxs as a platform which is, as far as i understand, compatible with imx28.

If the 3.7.5 kernel is supported, what is the correct way to enable it in yocto build?

Your help is much appreciated, since im very new to both linux on imx as well as yocto project.

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