Guillaume LABARTHE

MPC8610 - Kernel Upgrade

Discussion created by Guillaume LABARTHE on Mar 1, 2013

Hi everyone,


I am currently trying to upgrade my freescale MPC8610 linux kernel from 2.6.23 to 2.6.31 in order to be able to use the performance counters.

However, I am facing some difficulties.


Here is what I did :


  • I built my new kernel using the mpc8610_hpcd default configuration and performance counters enabled.
  • Then i have generated the dtb file corresponding to my board.
  • Finally i use u-boot (version 1.3) to load the dtb and the uImage and boot the kernel.


When I boot, u-boot stops after loading the dtb file.


I suspect that my u-boot version is too old, but I'm not sure if I can safely upgrade it ?


I googled a lot about the subject but didn't find anything helpful.


Did anyone do that kind of upgrade (kernel and/or u-boot) ?


Thank you.

Best regards.


Guillaume LABARTHE.