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KL25 and Processor Expert and DAC

Question asked by Adrian Geiger on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by Steven Cohen

Hi All


I'm trying to get the CodeWarrior Processor Expert to provide me with a DAC component. Although that's no problem with the ADC, it seems there is an error in Processor Expert concering the KL25 (freedom board so far).


When I activate the filter "show only components available for processor in focused project" the DAC component is not displayed. When I deactivate the filter, the component appears, but when I add it, there's a message in the component inspector saying "target processor does not contain peripheral of this type"; which is certainly not true.


An update search of CodeWarrior has not led to any results; my current version is 10.3.


However, I have seen there is an Init Routine Init_DAC, but have not tested it so far.


Can someone help me out here?