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BDM vs. Serial

Discussion created by Mark Shughart on Jul 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2007 by Mark Shughart
In the past I have been loading all my code on to HC12 microcontrollers through the freescale serial bootloader. Recently I decided to try a BDM to try to make debugging and loading easier. However I have come across a problem. When I erase the memory with the BDM and reprogram the micro, it does not work. However, If I reload the serial monitor, then load the code over the serial, it does work. None of the other solutions to similar posts on this forum have helped so far. I was wondering if I have to write a bootloader to jump to the start of my code or if there was a problem in my memory map file because Codewarrior used to just have the serial_monitor target. I guess I don't really understand what happens in the registers (PC, IC, and others) after a reset or I don't understand how/where the BDM loads the code. Thank you all in advance.