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C1005: Illegal storage class error

Question asked by Dave Miller on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by Dave Miller

Hello All,


OK, all was going as well as can be expected with my project when something changed in my project settings because suddenly I started getting the C1005 errors on compile.  I had used this specific piece of code in many, many projects and never had this issue before.


#define MAX_QUE_SIZE    48

typedef struct QUE
    unsigned char   buffer[MAX_QUE_SIZE];
    unsigned char   head;
    unsigned char   tail;


The last line "}que;" is where the error is being reported.


Looking at the very brief description of this error "A declaration contains an illegal storage class." in the documentation means somehow I used a keyword.  I don't see it.


Anyone have any ideas what could have changed in my project settings to cause this error to occur? Any ideas on how to fix it?



Win 7

Codewarrior 10.3

HCS08 project (9S08AW60)