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vybrid-sc quadspi_load project: MCR register address?

Question asked by stephaniegoedecke on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by Anthony Huereca

I have the vbyrid-sc quadspi_load project sort of working.  It says it erases and programs flash A, and the signal are active. But then I can't get the Vybrid to boot from flash A (Hello World doesn't run) and the quadspi_read function returns all zeros for the data.


I noticed the project has QuadSPI0->MCR pointing to offset 0x0 of the QuadSPI registers. This is in the file MVF50GS10MK50.h. 

But the Vybrid Reference Manual has no register at offset 0x0, and the QuadSPI_MCR at offset 0xF00.  Maybe the register definition in MVF50GS10MK50.h should be updated?  Or is this a mistake in the reference manual. Or am I reading these all wrong?


Has anyone else gotten the vybrid-sc quadspi_load project to load code which the Vybrid could then boot from?  Or could they read back the data instead of only zeros?


Please let me know. thanks