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how can we use jtag to erase flash memory  of MC1322x usb dongle

Question asked by emnasalhi on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by Alan Led Collins Rivera

hello everyone

I want  to do a simple and an  easy way to eras flash ,

if you look at page 18  1322xUSBRM  reference manual.


there are two possible means of doing so:

JTAG Debug Port - if the JTAG connector is mounted and the ARM debug tools are in use, the

FLASH image can be changed.

• Load new FLASH image via USB port:

— The Freescale BeeKit IDE download provides a software tool called Test Tool. This

application runs on a PC and can be used with a client running on the MC1322x to test the


— Test Tool also has the capability to load a new image into the FLASH through the USB port.

However, the FLASH must first be cleared.

The 1322x USB Dongle has two jumper sites designated as J3 and J4 (see Figure 3-8) located on the

non-component (back) side of the PCB (see Figure 3-5). Use these jumper sites to erase the FLASH.

1. Short Jumper J3 Pin 1 to Pin 2.

2. Short Jumper J4 Pin 1 to Pin 2.

think the first one is the easiest (with jtag ) but in this card  there 's no Jtag port and i don't know how and  when i should connect the cable

have you any idea how can i use this method (jtag etc )


Through the JTAG serial interface, standard debug and development activities such as accessing memory and registers, control of the CPU, downloadof FLASH memory, and software debug can be accomplished.


thank you  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!