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Fail to load vivante GPU driver

Question asked by William Tung on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2013 by Robin Gong
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We encountered a strange issue to load vivate GPU driver during power up. Here is the scenario:

1. Build the vivate GPU driver into kernel

2. Power on the solo board and the kernel stuck at infinite loop in _ResetGPU.

3. Hard reset the board and the board can pass the _ResetGPU function to complete booting

4. Hard reset at anytime before the GPU driver loading doesn't clear this failure. Ex, hard reset in Uboot or any driver/function before vivate GPU driver can't clear the failure.

5. The problem comes back when cut power to power cycle the board.


It sounds weird but it only happens to solo board not quad board. (we have both version on same layout) Does anyone see this issue before?