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SabreSD: Adding DCD item to u-boot

Question asked by ts on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by RodBorras



For testing adding a DCD Item, i modified flash_header.S to add one more DCD item to modify ENET_PALR, after the 83rd item (SabreSD, i.mx6Q):


MXC_DCD_ITEM(84, 0x021880E4, 0xFFFFFFFF)


I updated dcd_hdr and write_dcd_cmd as:


dcd_hdr:      .word 0x40a802D2
write_dcd_cmd:.word 0x04A402CC


The u-boot now fails to boot up.  If i modify the 84th DCD Item to be the same as the 83rd DCD item (i.e. configuring DDR) it works.


Are there limitations to what registers can be updated by the ROM from the DCD list, or am i missing something?