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Booting Android on i.MX53 QSB from SD: not mounting /system

Question asked by alexandremedeiros on Feb 26, 2013

Hello, I'm trying to boot Android on my i.mx53 qsb but I'm having some problems, aparently the /system partition is not mounting, so the kernel boots but there's no program to run, the funny thing is that I get a tux picture on my vga monitor...


I'm using Adeneo's prebuilt Freescale-iMX53-QSB-Android 2.3-Version 4.3 image, I tried following the i.MX Android R10.3.2 User Guide to boot from SD with the prebuilt image, but encountered the same problems, the main difference is that on Adeneo's image, the adb is launched, but my computer doesn't finds any device with the adb and I only get the tux picture with Adeneo's image.


When I connect the usb cable on my computer I see this message on the serial output:


usb wakeup is here

otg udc vbus rising wakeup

android_usb gadget: high speed config #1: android

I'm attaching the serial output from boot, I think it might help.


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